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Laser Pre & Post Op Instructions

Stay healthy before and after treatments: 

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Eat healthy foods.

  • Stay hydrated -summer / winter / spring / fall.

  • Avoid overindulging in alcohol post treatment.

  • Refrain from smoking tobacco through the treatment process.

  • Refrain from heavy caffeine use the day of treatment.


If you experience intense or prolonged swelling: 

  • Ice the are for 20 minute increments.

  • Keep the limb elevated for 24 hrs.

  • Avoid salt and salty foods.

  • Do not over bandage.

  • Avoid heat.

  • Do not sleep on limb.

  • Contact your technician if you experience numbness or lack of mobility. 


Bra/Hip tattoo care:

  • For 3-days post treatment apply a Hydrogel Pad and drop of pure vitamin E oil.

  • The Hydrogel pad will need to stay on for 2-3 hours each day, do not leave it on over 3 hours or the skin will become weak and over hydrated.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes in order to avoid chaffing or irritation.

  • Wear a dry bandage over the tattoo if it is rubbing on the bra line or waistband.


Stay out of the sun.

  • Use SPF 30+ w/ 10% Zinc content if you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

  • Do not over bandage.

  • Avoid hot tubs and sauna.

  • If you usually take a hot shower take a cooler shower for the next week.

  • Avoid exercise for a day or two, post treatment.

Keep the treated area dry as possible. 

  • Take bandages off in 1-3 hours post treatment, let the area dry out.

  • Do not use Neosporin or any other antibacterial ointment unless advised.

  • If the area becomes irritate or itchy use a small amount of vitamin E oil. 

  • If water hits the area in the shower; just make sure it's not soaking.

Keep it clean and unbothered.

  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area.

  • Keep it away from pets and small children.

  • Do not use any astringent soaps or cleaners.

  • Rinse daily with a small amount of cool water.


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